Executive Chef Ruffy Sulaiman Visits Copano Blues Farm

By January 5, 2017Featured

Execitive chef of the Hilton Americas in Houston, Ruffy Sulaiman toured the Copano Blues shrimp farm recently. This was the first chance Chef Ruffy had to sample Copano Blues. His verdict? “Delicious”.

Chef Ruffy had never tried sashimi shrimp, because he does not have access to sashimi grade shrimp. Chef liked the raw sashimi Copano Blues even better than cooked. “The cooked shrimp are sweet, but they are even sweeter when raw”. Chef Ruffy was impressed with the firm texture of Copano Blues shrimp. “These are great shrimp”.

This was Chef Sulaiman’s first tour of a shrimp aquaculture facility. Chef was pleasantly surprised to learn about our great concern for animal health and that no animals are harmed by the farm. Unfortunately, we have spoiled him. Chef Ruffy will not find another shrimp farm of this caliber anywhere.


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