Food for thought

Is there water added to your shrimp?

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We do not add weight to our shrimp. Look at the ingredients of your shrimp. If it says something besides shrimp, beware.

Coapno Blues ingredient statement reads: Shrimp.

Watch out for salt, which can be used to add water and cover up off flavors. Other ingredients to be wary of include sodium tripoly phosphate, which is used to add water weight. Sodium bicarbonate and sodium chloride also are used instead of phosphate to add moisture.

Natural is better. Copano Blues are naturally delicious.

Another Successful Harvest Today

By | Food for thought

We are harvesting beautiful Copano Blues shrimp every week now.

The quality of the shrimp could not be better! Our proprietary harvest system is built right into the farm. The harvest process is quick, humane, and effecient. The shrimp are harvested in a stress free manner.

Traditional shrimp ponds may have a stressful harvest process which can cause soft shells and impact the flavor of the shrimp. Copano Blues shrimp go from swimming in perfect warm water salt water, directly into a chilled ice slush bath.

The chill tanks are then placed on a refrigerated trailer and rushed to a shrimp freezing facility about one hour away. This ensures the quality is always outstanding.